Character Creator 4
Issue 8576
Bone rigging and bone adding
Hi. My suggestion is to add bone rigging and bone adding to cc4. I have attached image examples of the bones and areas of interest.
Right now it seems the only way to import a unique custom character that works is if its been rigged with cc4 in mind. I have tried importing characters into cc4 that or in t pose and some that arnt and set them as humanoid and creature and neither one gets the results of bones, infact its almost like they have no bones at all. I beleive this is because the bones need to be named correctly to work within cc4. This create a big problem for artists who might want to create something more unique to what is already there, such as adding a tail to a current model then rigging it in a external software such a blender. The adding bone for the tail wont work unless its attached and named correctly. cc4 should have its own bone rigging system where the user can add bones within the software, such as adding a bone that has the funtionality of a tail to the bottom of spine. The power to add these unique bones with spring animations and more could bring the character more to life than before and allow artists to really create something unique.

Adding a spring animation to the bottom area would create a realistic movement of the bum when it walks.
adding a spring or some kind of bone to the sternum/chest area could create a breathing animation.

Users could buy from the shop unique bones that they could add to any current model within cc4

tail bone with spring animation
hair bone for pony tail animation (could also be applied to characters that dont have hair but have additional head attachment such as tentacles)
breathing bone for realistic chest/torso compression animation
extra bones, adding bones to current model to deform the shape of the model into something else, such as dog bone femur altering the humanoid leg into that of a dog.

I hope anything I have said in this post helps and gives food for thought.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bybellabypaul
Since I made this post we have had accurig introduced and it has resolved some issues when rigging characters from outside of cc4, however, the adding of bones within reallusions character creator is still available. I dont even know if its possible as I dont know enough to make a valid comment. Basicly what I and many others say is, reallusion should be looking to implement their own stuff into the software rather than rely on other software too fill in those gaps. The ability to add vertices, faces, shape the character using morphing tools and sculpting tools, adding bones with functions that lend it self to animations, such as a tail that can perform its own movement or you can direct its movement, even the ability to import a character and create a bone structure with the desired traights, snake model - wire bone with slither animation and so on. There is so much more that could be done within the software without the need of other software to aid it.
I need to connect a wire to my character that will bend with the character. It would only require a simple chain of bones from the lower arm bone to the upper arm bone with an ik bone at the upper end that would follow the upper bone. Very simple to create in a free program called blender but no way to do it in reallusion. I was told to create a morph slider. Umm sorry but that will not work because my character has tons of wires and needs to be rigged a certain way so that it will not be a nightmare for anyone trying to animate it. Use Reallusion to rig and animate any character? Ummm, not from any of my experience.  I can't even make a snake follow a path in iclone, why? Because you have to move every bone one at a time on the path and then you can't animate the points on the path to make it strike. We pay good money for this program to not have essential rigging options. I see I am not the only one annoyed by this option not being part of this program. We are all getting frustrated. Please take care of this on going issue. March 25 2024
I've been working months in blender because I purchased CC4 to create a Pixar type character... I finally get him into CC4 eager to get rolling... only to discover that I cannot add a simple spring bone. Really? So I now have to go back to blender and create the rigging there... and hope it won't blow up on re-import into CC4...
Agreed, It'd be great to be able to add bones to the regular rigs and keep the Heirarchy compatible with Unreal Engine's Mannequin.
If you want to use HIK mode properly I suggest you use get rid of the CC4 Character mesh parts and use the skeleton on your custom model. I agree that either Reallusion should either have a way to add/remove bones or have a plugin that will add updating like GoZ. akeystu is free and I've used this for creating custom characters using CC3 skeletons, CC4 detects the bones, even if you have duplicated the arms and added extra hands etc.