Character Creator 4
Released in 4.1
Issue 8821
BVH import is still not up to 3DX flawless standard just yet
First problem: It is not possible to import BVH files directly into CC4 as it was with 3DX.
That means in order to create a custom profile we still need to use 3DX, or convert it to FBX outside of RL products.

Example, is resent attempt to convert a huge library of Dataset BVH motions.
Those motions do not have a T-pose, so I had to use 3DX, import BVH file directly, adjust bones for T-pose and create a profile.
Then import large set of motions.

Bottom line, we need to be able to import BVH motions directly into CC4 for profile creation.

Second problem: The profile I have created works fine in 3DX, but does not work right in CC4, nor IC8
I even converted a T-pose Dataset BVH motion to FBX in Blender, imported to CC4 and and assigned bones over again and saved profile.
That profile does not import motions correctly and behave the same way as when profile created in 3DX was used.

Particularly the problem is with root bone. The character jumps away when converted motion is applied, stays above the ground and root is moving too slow causing slippery feet.

Check the animated gif:

Kevin in yellow shirt has motion converted in 3DXchange.
Kevin in blue shirt has the same motion converted in CC4.

Please review the difference and apply the fix for root bone issue.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted by4u2ges
Amper Sand
I also can confirm, tried the same scenario as @argus1000 mentioned.
I agree. I tried both methods, through 3DXchange and directly to iClone 8. With the first method, the animation is perfect; with the second method, the character’s feet are sliding noticeably..