Character Creator 3
Issue 7918
AutoSetup syncing issue

we are using RL's AutoSetup in Unreal Engine.

We have a team of developers and modelers. We sync our C++ UE project via GIT.
We have multiple maps with multiple different characters (not all the maps have every character).

There is two problems we are encountering with the Workflow suggested:

1. The plugin seems to be user bound, meaning that if I update the plugin, do all my work, deactivate the plugin (not all team members have CC3) and push it, things work for everybody.
As soon as anybody else does a push (no changes to the characters, materials or the plugin at all) and I wanna reenable the plugin, it throws errors ("the following modules are missing or built with a different engine version: RLPlugin Would u like to rebuild them now"). Rebuilding doesn't work.

If I redo the update process, things start working again - for me only.
We have gotten around it by disabling the plugin, BUT I need to go through the whole process of updating every time we want to update or add a CC3 character.
That in itself is inconvenient and inefficient, but possibly loosing all of our per character instance adjustments on our UE material instances (as per the warning in ur update guide) is an unviable pain. But more to that in 2.

2. Loosing per character material instance settings when updating ("Updates to or removal of the Character Creator & iClone Auto Setup will reset the materials on all characters & props. Please reconfigure your material settings after update.").
I am assuming this is due to changes in materials during updates, meaning instances possibly not working when there has been changes.
Wouldn't it be better to keep legacy in those materials instead of changing them completely in order to avoid that?
I.e. in our case it would be hideous to need to go through every single character and redo all the custom work dialed in on every used material instance as soon as we need to update.
One could say, well just don't update then, but well, we will need to update as we use different characters per map and keep extending maps as well as new characters.

What is RL proposed workaround for this type of scenario?
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bydevcommon
Hi devcommon,

> not all team members have CC3
How about every members install auto setup plugin? install UE plugin doesn't need CC3 installed
then you can simply push/fetch the git project?

just make sure the shader uassets in Content/CC_Shaders are all added to git, 
and the generated material instance uassets of the imported CC3 characters are all added to git.
I suppose since everyone has the shader uassets in Content/CC_Shaders, then the material should work across all members.

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