Character Creator 3
Released in 3.11
Issue 6224
Auto Setup for Unreal import dialog(FBX) does not display correctly on Japanese version of Windows
The FBX import dialog of Auto Setup 1.01 for Unreal 4.22 is not displayed correctly on Japanese version Windows10 Pro (version 1903), so FBX files exported from CC3 cannot be imported to Unreal properly.
Specifically, the HQ Shader button and the OK button are not displayed because the dialog is not high enough. As a result, you cannot click the OK button, and as a result you have to cancel it with the Close button, and you can only import it as a general Unreal FBX file.
I tried to control it with the arrow buttons and enter key on the keyboard, but this was impossible.
I also tried dragging the edge of the dialog to see if the dialog itself could be resized.

This can happen very rarely in programs that are not localized to Japanese on a Japanese version of Windows.
Probably, this phenomenon seems to be caused by the font setting etc., but it seems that it can be corrected by the size setting etc. of FBX import dialog of Auto Setup 1.01 for Unreal.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bym_koshi
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi, m_koshi,

This issue is released in Auto Setup 1.02.

This is a phenomenon that occurs on a monitor with 4K or higher resolution, and the enlarged display is automatically enabled, so the response to each application varies.
When using a 4K monitor, iClone and CC3 display menu text and icons that are too large, whereas 3D Xchange displays them very small.

To solve this problem, right-click the shortcut icon of each application to display the context menu, and change the DPI setting on the Compatibility tab of the Properties panel.
It seems that this is not a problem with Japanese Windows 10, but a problem that occurs with the display compatibility setting of Unreal.

The solution is to right-click the shortcut icon for the target Unreal version, select the property at the bottom, and select the Compatibility tab in the panel that opens. Click the “Change high DPI setting” button at the bottom and check the “Overwrite high DPI scale setting” checkbox at the bottom of the panel. Select “System (expanded)” from the pull-down menu. OK.

The HQ shader and OK button will now be displayed.
The CC Unreal Auto-Setup Plugin (Beta 2.1, can't download now?) Displays the Unreal FBX import dialog correctly on the Japanese version of Windows 10, so even 
in  the latest version of Character Creator & iClone Auto Setup for  Unreal 1.01, with a little modification, it seems that the correct dialog can be displayed on the Japanese version of Windows10.