Character Creator 4
Issue 11114
Auto Setup for Godot
Please make a CC4 auto setup tool for Godot Engine 4. We need your beautiful hair and eye shaders in the engine.

I've been using Godot since 2018, and it has grown tremendously since then in terms of community size and technology. With the recent Unity debacle, many teams departed Unity permanently and the Godot community practically doubled overnight.

It now has quite a reasonable 3D renderer, but we need a good native humanoid creator.

My team started working with CC3 and Godot Engine 3 a couple of years ago. We converted the hair shader for our use, but I'm sure your team will do it much better. Now our workflow is:
* Export from CC4 with FBX with the blender profile
* Import to Blender using Better FBX Importer, "optimizing for blender" to fixes the broken 1/100th armature scaling of FBX
* Pushdown all animations to NLA tracks (necessary in the past, but may no longer be required, I'm still testing)
* Export with GLB to Godot.

I do have the blender setup tool which looks nice, but for export to Godot the BFBX tool is better. Having a native workflow into Godot would save a lot of work.
OS: Windows 11
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