Reallusion Hub
Issue 10699
Another failed install and update
Keeping error messages updating also installing software from the hub, and it only happens on Reallution Hub, this is one of the most annoying problems I had this issue since day one of the install, I edited all the firewall settings, as well as user admin privilege's on all my drives including my system drive , the firewall settings is not blocking the program, I tried uninstalling /reinstalling the HUB software, my only work around is to completely uninstall every single software that needs to be updated , I own iClone8 /CC4/ CA5, Headshot 2.0 , SkinGen Premium , Face Mocap (iPhone) aka Reallusion customers rip off (because Face Mocap should be an USB camera plugin not an Apple endorsed product, I own a android so the software developers should have made cross compatibility or simply a USB option included. But what Reallusion is doing is overcharging the customers to make them pay for the Motion live $1000.00 plugin). Not to mention how much money I spent in the content store which probably another $500.00
Final comment is I'm beginning to think hat the reason that the name of the company is called Reallusion , it's because once you look at your bank
account it will reflect an illusion of what was in it before you purchased their non functioning products. I'm an independent one man team ,not Pixar or Disney.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byRyakin Rip