Character Creator 3
Issue 7974
Annoying Constant redownloading
For the last 6 months Iclone and CC3 are becoming more and more unusable. I have bought a lot of products from your Reallusion marketplace. But whenever I open CC3 or Iclone 7.91.5223.1 and browse for items many are not present. Sometimes the main icon for the item is present but when clicked will show all the sub items as missing. When I right click the sub item I have the option to reinstall the item from your servers.
Also products I have purchased and already used will show up in the browse in grey with the download arrow suggesting that the products I buy are really not saved locally to my PC.
I find this very annoying as spending my hobby time looking for items is not what I bought your products for.
I get mad and lose track of what I meant to be doing.
Instead of making nice animation and promoting myself and your software I spend forever trying not to get mad write in all the 3d animation forums just how annoying and useless Iclone and CC3 are for making actual animation.
I have even seen the video by Reallusion on how to fix some of the missing file problems. The fix does not work.
Your Smart Gallery is a joke "right?" I mean why do I see buildings or complete scenes in CC3?
Life was much easier before "Smart Gallery"
You have a Smart Gallery for both products and it gets confused about which application to install a new products. Then when the app is closed it will randomly delete items I have bought from my pc.
Maybe this kind of bug is by design. You guys do not want people making animation movies with the Reallusion software. You just want use all to keep on buying upgrades to your products.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bysubongo
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi subongo

Thanks for your feedback and sorry for the bad experience of Smart Gallery.
Unfortunately, in our end we can't reproduce this issue, if you don't mind (and not uninstall Smart Gallery yet), we'll appreciate if you can help us to clarify the root cause.

For your main issue, is it happened repeatedly on same content pack, or once you redownload it, it shows correctly?
Did you move the file location manually? Or change drive letter?

Second, you mentioned the application randomly delete the file when you close it, could you record the process video?

The third issue, the buildings and scene content in CC, that may be the "prop" item.
CC also can apply prop into the viewer, so if the pack include prop, it can downloaded by CC.
If you not sure, you can provide the pack name, we can check if the pack has wrong item.

Please feel free to contact us if any, thanks for your patient.