Character Creator 4
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Issue 8589
Animation - Shape Keys / Bones Incorrect
1) Modelling by Blender with ARP, export Humanoid to CC4 via CC/IC Pipeline add-ons.
2) CC4 + Blender - Edit Facial Expression and Characterisation (Finally success, grateful for CC/IC Pipeline & Blender Auto).
3) IC8 - import the model from CC4 -> apply animation (All okay).
4) Blender - import the Animated model -> Bones are mess shown below Q01.png.
5) Blender - import the Animated model from IC8 -> some "Shape keys" disappear especially the bone controlling parts like eyes, brow jaw ...
6) Blender - Retarget the Animation to Rigged Model by ARP -> parts of the Facial Expression incorrect or no response shown below Q02.png.

4 - 6) import model from CC4 to Blender obtains the same result as IC8 no matter whether using CC/IC Pipeline or only importing directly via Blender.

Almost a month, CC4 and IC8 has taken me to the hell ... bug ... crash ... incompatible ... restriction ...
If ARP is the critical problem, I have emphasized in previous post that Meta-Rig has many problems too (incorrect bone position, can't Rigify).
Or CC4 & IC8 are designed compatible and optimizing for creating character by themselves only? If so, I won't buy this kind of products which can only create specific style for animation and games. Spending our time and money to achieve your de-bug game is really exciting and incredible.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byarthurmobi
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi arthurmobi,

Thanks for your feedback!
What is your export fbx settings in iClone?
Make sure you don't tick the checkbox : Delete Unused Morph when you want to import all blendshapes into pipeline software.
Also, could you send your project to us?
You can upload to cloud service such as Google Drive, and attach the download link in your next comment.
Thanks for your help!