iClone 7
Issue 5753
1. Can you add a numeric box to Render an Animation in incremental steps, for example, 2, 3, 4, … 99, etc? If I made the selection and enter four or clicked to get there, it would render on 4's, that would mean every 4th frame, etc.

I believe this would help to Preview an animation in a Storyboard fashion that eliminates most of the frames and would in essence create a storyboard of that Scene.

2. Under the menu Animation/Remove Scene Animation, can you add "Keep Range"? It would allow me to cut a Scene down to just the essentials of that Scene which would reduce the size of the Project file.

3. Can you add the capability to "Insert" frame(s) in front of Frame 1? Or perhaps allow us the capability to "Select All to Move"? I could then use that feature to add frames in front of the whole animation.

4. Under Menu, File/Open Project - it would be nice to have "Open Recent" as an option. As I work on these Project for an extended length of time, I sometimes forget what I was working on last.

Thanks! ...d
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byTucsonDoobie