Character Creator 3
Released in 3.4
Issue 7342
Altered character recall
Character created in CC3 and later saved. When recalled, it appears altered. I have seen this type of defect that is proposed with one type of shirt and not another. I have performed the following actions suggested by your assistance but without positive result:

"I would suggest:

Run Windows Update.

Install the most recent driver for your graphics card.

reinstall the content pack if you have not already.

reinstall CC3 using this clean method. Your content folders are safe during this process.

Uninstall Character Creator 3 and CC3 Pipeline Extension.

Check this directory for any CC3 leftovers:

C:\Program Files\Reallusion

Find this directory: C:\Users\your name\AppData\Local\Temp

Delete this folder: CharacterCreator3Temp

Note that AppData is a hidden folder, and you may need to set "Show hidden files and folders" for Windows

Also note that "your name" is your user name on your computer.

Download and unzip this registry cleaner. Double-click to run it. If it does not find anything, then Windows took care of it.


This is optional. If you want to be sure your system is as clean as can be, you may want to download and run Jetclean. It's a registry cleaner.

Restart your computer.

Install the current version of CC3 and CC3 Pipeline Extension from the Hub, or downloaded from your Reallusion Account. Install both parts before running."

I await your news.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byemypippo
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I don't remember which package I got the clothes from. How can I do to find out?
It's definitely a clothes problem.
Unfortunately I don't think it's just about some clothes but generalized about the treatment that is done with the new CC3.
In fact I also have the problem on UE4 where I export the characters so important that I can no longer use CC3 and for this I am totally at a standstill with the work.
Problem I've reported but can't see resolution.
I have the same kind of issue.
I saw other users already reported this issue.
I believe they are working on it! Give them some time!

if you want to continue your project, avoid using Essential Clothing and Plain Base.
smart gallery has a lot of options to choose clothes.
Other packages might have the same issue but not every. (not sure because I saw there only reported Essential and Plain)

I know it's  very struggled but you are not alone.
I am sorry that you have been through this process.
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I am attaching pictures of what I can see.
I think it was T-shirt_Base
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Then could you take the screenshot of the clothes that you were using. (Including name of clothes)
Hi emypippo,

Which pack of content that you were using?
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