Character Creator 4
Issue 9496
Allow to import clothing with skin weights included.
Hi everyone. I'm not sure if I wrote the subject correctly and not sure if this applies as an issue, if not, then I would like to make it as a feature request.

I use Blender to paint skin weights on clothing as is a much better experience than CC4 sadly.

Painting Skin Weights in CC4 is slow and hard so I do that in Blender then I import the clothing back to CC4 but CC4 clears the Skin Weights, even if using the exact same character that I previously exported from CC4 to Blender. This is a problem because the feature to Transfer Skin Weights does a terrible job on complex meshes/clothing and forces me to fix Skin Weight issues inside CC4, working on Armpits and Crotch are very difficult and in CC4 even more, that's why I prefer to do it in Blender. Transfer Skin Weights + inside Skin Editing is not a good tool set if the clothing being imported has a complex mesh. Take CyberPunk jacket as an example or Fluffy Jacket or Pants that with a belt as part of its mesh. I know separating the mesh in parts might help but I'm very careful with optimization and the less objects and materials slots I create the better, because I export to Unity.

Or maybe in the Blender plugin you can add the feature to Export as a Cloth and not as an Accessory as I understand an Accessory is not meant to have skin weights and just follow the bones position, scale and orientation.

I hope CC4 team can make this possible.

Thanks in advance!
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Submitted byNexVice
Would LOVE this feature as well!
I second this, the weight tools in CC4 are horrendous. I would love to see the ability to be able to import my clothing from blender with the weights intact. 

As it sits, trying to smooth weights can take forever on some meshes, one click and then 2 mins of loading just to smooth a bit, then another click and another 2 mins. It's not fun haha.
Commenting my own post here.

I tried with Replace Mesh option, exported the clothed character to Blender, edited the Skin Weights of a shirt, Replaced the mesh using the Replace Mesh option in CC4 and I checked the changes I made in Blender and they are gone.