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Alembic Import
We have the export feature, but I wish to add the ability to IMPORT Alembic files. I'm a DAZ user and what I like to do right now involves blocking out motions and refining them in iClone and then taking them back into DAZ studio to render them. This allows me to take advantage of the greater detail and all the Joint Control Morphs of the DAZ figures that make them amazing to work with. The problem is --I don't really want to render them in DAZ but I want the detail and there's no other way to get all that detail into iClone other than an alembic or MDD import. with the PBR render, I would rather render in iClone. Please give us the ability to import Alembic and/or MDD animations in iClone. It would be a great way to take full advantage of the great features of BOTH platforms. This would open up new possibilities with other systems like Realflow. Or you could do physics stuff like buildings collapsing in another application and then bring it into iClone.
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Submitted bywill2power71
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Reallusion is there any news about this topic?
Probably its the most important one
I also agree to this, count this as a vote.
I just posted this on the forum 5 days ago. I was also one of the 22 votes to back this request over 2 years ago.

Quick question: Has Reallusion abandoned the request by will2power71 and others to develop and include Alembic import? This would be a major leap forward for cloth simulation and physics in general and in my opinion, help to attract those who use the more expensive 3D software. Even Blender, which is obviously free, has both import and export for Alembic files. I hope that somehow Peter will see this!   This is my first post, although I have been a forum member for years. I wish to take this opportunity to thank will2power71, and of course the still current genius Kellytoons, for all of the information that I have learned over the years! I also send a big THANK YOU! to Peter and all of the forum members, but of course, to list them all would be a bit unreasonable. Ha! Ha! 

animagic had a post a couple of days ago referencing this page and request. Reallusion are you still there? Can you hear us now?
Follow the online link here and seen the jumble puzzle solver game here.
Agree with ánimagic´ we need the ability to work with water and ocean of a preofessional standard.  iclone has lagged way behind in this vital game and film area.
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