Cartoon Animator 4
Issue 7533
After Effects Plugin - per layer export feature

It would be great to have the possibility of exporting the animation NOT as a sequence of sprites, but divided in different layers each following the parts of the character.
Arm, Forearm, Hand, etc each have their different timelines in CTA, and this would mirror in AE, with each png part of the character having its own timeline.

This would be super useful in game development (our user case). Exporting a sequence of png is quite heavy at the moment making the plugin useless for this. Instead, if this feature would be present, one would use the 3D animations in a sprite, use the AE script from CTA to export to AE, and in AE one could retouch and export it to UNITY through a JSON with positional data and just an Atlas of single parts.

This would create a very light sprite atlas (just one png containing all the parts - to be divided in Unity with the sprite manager) vs a sequence of pngs. Workflow ideally would be CTA - AE - Unity. Of course skipping the middle man and exporting to Unity directly would also be a possibility, but since AE already allows that using already present assets, you could just consider to extend the script and making it export stuff "per layer" and already have something quite powerful compared to only exporting pngs in a sequence.
Hope this helps!
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bykaitensushifan