Character Creator 4
Issue 10681
Additional Channel for roughness overlay or displacement overlay, addition, subtract -animate or bake - suggestion
How many times do you wish you had an additional material channel to fade in/out wetness or bake it into the existing channel?

The ability to bake the blend channel was great although just as important would be the ability to blend in wetness as an overlay effect on a character, terrain or prop, animate or bake it in.

Fade effects could be added to fade in/out at precise locations; center, side or corner with offset controls.

This same concept would be useful for displacement, especially with the foot correction reach target system to automatically apply a new displacement mask with a set depth level as the foot makes contact with the reach target.

I can see this working as a non destructive bake/update displacement texture with it's own undo system connected to the timeline with recording the depth level connected to the reach target foot timing.
OS: Windows 11
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Submitted byAscensi