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Adding "Toon Light" causes "Modern Classic Interior" to disappear.
Toon Light has been great so far, but I loaded a relatively big apartment, added a character, and when I add Toon Light, everything disappears. I search and find the avatar in space with no apartment to be found.

It just may be because my laptop is not really made for this, although it meets the basic specs. No graphics board, but does pretty well, considering. The whole apartment disappears from the scene menu as well.

What do you think? Thanks.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bycrantic
Thank you!
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Hi Larry,

Thank you for your clarification.
The content type of "Toon Light" is ccLightroom, which is designed to quickly setup scene for characters. So when you apply it, all objects except characters will be removed or replaced.
As you already know, you can get toon shader effect without "Toon Light".
However, if you want to use the light in "Toon Light". I would suggest you load "Toon Light" to iClone and save it to a iLight. You can then use the saved iLight without affecting objects in the heavy apartment.

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Hello Irving,

"Toon Light" is the light content from RL Marketplace. Upon reflection, I believe my laptop is causing iClone to dump the very "heavy" apartment.

I did discover some interesting things that I'd like to bounce off you:

Not using heavy apartment:

1. I found that to keep the formatting, I must use these in this order: 1. Turn Toon Shader on.  2. Add "Toon Light". (If I do the opposite, I lose the Toon LIght.)

With using heavy apartment:

1. Toon Light causes the apartment to unload. So... If I go to my Toon Shader: 1. Under Paint: Change "Shade" color on left to White . 2. Choose "Rim" Directional Light.
It seems to me to have the same effect as "Toon Light", but I get to keep the heavy apartment.

Thanks for helping, but I believe I have my answers. Any comments?

Thanks again,

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Hi Crantic,

I am a bit confused by the "Toon Light" you described.

Is it a light content from RL Marketplace (see the link below)

or the Toon Shader in iClone?

Your clarification would be much appreciated.