iClone 7
Issue 8360
Add functionality terrain builder simular Unreal Engine or Unity
Thanks for adding new features to the iclone8
Iclone 8 is unique in the world of animation
In my opinion, the only drawback is its inability to build landscape in the form of paintings
Like Unity gaming software or Unreal Engine
With the pen tool, you can create roughness and height of hills and mountains.
nature terrain generator plugin is good but not great and ideal
Because you can visualise nature by grabbing the vertex and dragging it
While with Landscape tool in UE, this is easily possible
Can we hope that this item will be added in the iclone 8 update?
OS: Windows 10
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Dear manager
Thank you for your reply
Please pay attention to the composition of the material in the photo below
This is a unity environment
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If the iclone had a (Sculpt & Paint tool in Landscape builder) simular Unreal Engine; I did not migrate to Unreal Engine to record my animation. I did not transfer my lighting, camera work, particle and rendering to Unreal Engine.
maybe Thousands upon thousands of iclone users have the same problem as me, but I did not see it anywhere
Also, PopcornFix can not be transferred with the plugin, unreal Livelink, and it has created new problems for us in effect work.
With the new updates of Iclone 8, we are satisfied in terms of lighting and increasing the quality of our animations, but 
Due to lack of capabilities Sculpt & Paint tool, It becomes very difficult for us and Nor is the natural environment created
Certainly the creative developers of iClone have thought about this before us. This is what makes iClone unrivaled and privileged.
Can we hope this will happen one day?
Thousands of iClone users want this feature
Thanks to Reallusion Company
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