Character Creator 3
Issue 4097
Add checkmark option for two-sided materials in Transformer Import
About half the time Daz clothing comes in needing two sided materials (just due to the way devs construct clothing). Sometimes it's obvious (and I'll put a link to one where it is) but other times you don't notice it unless you look closely at the underside of a collar, or the cuff on a long sleeves shirt. Going to checkmark these materials as two-sided can be onerous (and the checkmark for doing so is way down in the material list and must be scrolled down each time) and most likely all materials from Daz could be marked as two-sided without any downside.

However, if the clothing had a checkmark option when imported via Transformer, as it does to select layer type and resolution, and if that checkmark defaulted to two sided (or at least allowed you a one-button press to turn it on for all the clothing in that import) this would solve that problem. It shouldn't be hard to program this.
OS: Windows 10
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