Character Creator 3
Issue 5242
Activate Appearance Editor grayed out
On CC3 default character the Appearance Editor is unavailable.
Is it a bug or is intended?

I wanted to add some freckles on my character but I can't find a way.
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Submitted byMatt GH
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It was mentioned by Rampa that this new feature should have been in the 3.1 update of CC3P with 4K options. As shown in the image, I have the CC3P version, and we are at 3.2 update now, yet there are still no options in regards to altering the skintones. So, um...where is it, or how do you access it, if it's out already? 

AS a HUGE supporter of Reallusion's product (2019 Elite member and currently have over $700+ in the cart thinking about purchasing for the next year's Elite discounts, but not sure if I'm going to continue though...), I must say that sometimes it becomes a hard battle to fight, when there is no "proof in the pudding", so to speak. I have also patiently waited, even wasted money on the different skins that was put out by Reallusion, and other developers recently (Elite Characters, Scanlab, and so forth, excluding Hivewire, which actually did the DAZ thing and at least offered some extra makeup options with their product...) where you can do nothing with these skins, if you aren't skilled with outside resources (Photoshop, or other programs as such), and everyone isn't in the business of 3D design to have this knowledge. So, when there is a feature that was once advertised and then taken away, or appear to not really be paid attention to and nothing being said about it, then it makes it hard to use, even in its ease of usage, when there isn't enough resources to continue in the ways that it was once used. 

The issue here is to use the skins that are of current, which are the CC3 skins, and those of such detail, not the CC1s. You all are trying to steer people to using the ones that are HORRIBLY textured, if I may add in comparison to the new ones that came with the program, as well as purchased for some, (CC3 Base/Base_IBL/Base_RTL/Elite Characters/Virtual Human Bodies/Real Heads 100 Updated Version/DH) that are current, but then told then they can't alter. So, that's what the issue is here. No one is asking about the CC1's. They want to use the CC3 new textures and alter those for their movies/projects/etc. If the feature is not available, then until it becomes available, maybe these new skin textures should not be sold/advertised. It's just a marketing suggestion to keep from having this issue come up all the time. It's been ringing in the forums as well, as I'm sure you all are quite aware of, and probably sick and tired of revisiting, over and over again. 

Therefore, with this being said, when WILL this new 4K Appearance Editor feature be available so we can start altering the skins that we would like to use for our movies/projects?

Thanks in advance for your help!!

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I can't get the appearance editor to be anything BUT grayed out no matter what character base i choose.
Thank you for contacting Reallusion.

Please make sure you have selected the actual CC1_Substance base. There are also CC1 morphs of the CC3 base that can trip you up.

The 4K Appearance Editor will ship in CC3P 3.1. It should be ready this summer. The reason it's taking some time, is that it is being re-written for more power and easier use.

There is a good workaround for the time being. Load a CC1 base from the nude bases provided, and you can use the Appearance Editor on it. Unload the Appearance Editor when you are done, and then you can convert the base to CC3 base in the Modify panel if you wish. Or you can use it as a CC1 base. Both will work.

You can also save the skin you create and apply it to any other avatar.

You can find the CC1 bases at:

Avatar-Base-CC1Base_ Substance. (see picture)

Please feel free to let us know if you have any further questions.

Best Regards


Technical Support

Reallusion Inc.
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Matt GH
It looks like at the moment the editor is only available for CC1 avatars. The CC3 version will probably be released soon, but in the meantime you can find the old CC1 characters in the legacy folder
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Unable to Activate the Appearance Editor to add Decal, Scar, Tattoos to the new Essential Skin and Morph Pack for CC3 Pipeline. No Manual Available. How do I use this feature.
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