iClone 7
Issue 7848
Acculips text recognition is unusable
Steps to reproduce:
1. Open AccuLips window and open audio file:

2. Select convert text

3. Result:
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That's very poor speech to text recognition. Surely a bug somewhere?
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byjerome.dipietro
btw. just using this free online website:

i got this result:
you know.
whenever people look at me they think man he's lucky he's got the perfect life he has no worries.
but i always wonder why why they wanted of my life was so good about it they seem to think that my life ,is perfect but in .reality.
it's the red opposite it's anything but perfect.
the glow of happiness that i see on my face.
it's just the light is emitted from the internal fire to spare that burns in my soul.
all my despair began when i was in first grade.
my dad would come home from work.
and you wouldn't even hug us forget about hugs he would even say .hi.
normally he will always hug us and we will spend time with him.
now he just sits with a ,bottle ,of ,picardy.
and drinks until he is fully .jumped.
even his clothes wreaked the stench of alcohol it was hearty and walked past him without holding a breath.
i also was a different one to school when kids used anticipate the arrival of the weekend.
ma'am did i wish it never .came.
my dad would drink and drink.
and he would vote with my mom for no .reason.
and they were fighting in a fight and all i could do was lay in my bed burying my face my pillow.
and cry.
everything just went downhill after .that.
i still hate thinking about that last day i was with my .dad.
that day my dad came home.
this time ,he's already .drunk.
as usual he began to install my mom.
and when my mum stood up .for.
he started to smash things she smashed everything in his way when my mom tried to stop him he did the .unthinkable.
he spat on my mom's face but that was not all he grabbed a .scar.
and he started to strangle .her.
a cold place right there and .then.
and you finally let .go.
what brute how dare you do that's my mom.
what if i wasn't there what if they were alone.
he would have killed my mom.
my whole childhood was lost in this trauma.
i've still been able to cover mentally for that incident.
so do you still think my life is perfect no it's .not.
god forbid this from happening to anyone else.
happiness that you see on my face is just a mask to cover the ugly face and .sadness.
i won't be sketched into my heart.
so ,don't ,be jealous.
just do what i have .done.
forget about all the bad memories which are sugar buns.
and live life to its extent.

Not perfect but way, way better and actually a lot faster conversion too