iClone 7
Issue 8078
Acculips "Failed to align text."
I noted that one user said his sound card caused the issue, but that seems not to be a universal cure.

Sometimes it likes the audio, sometimes it doesn't. Align gives the error. Align Partial gives the error. What is most perturbing is, when I select the exact text to align, and the code takes it upon itself to actually change my selection, then says "failure."

The text I used is below. I have entered it both with and without punctuation.

Call me Scratch.
I’ve been waiting for you.
I want to help you.
I can get you what you want.
I ask nothing of value in return.
Trust me.
OS: Windows 10
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R Ham
The one thing I haven't tried is to give Acculips totally perfect, professional voiceover quality audio. Acculips doesn't seem to know where one word ends and another one begins, and I suspect it may be listening to the noise floor a bit too closely. I always run the Audacity background noise filter on my audio track first, but it may not be enough. I'm in the process of constructing a near-professional recording station in my house, and then maybe I'll have better results. Otherwise it has crossed my mind to process only one sentence at a time. Crazytalk, which I discovered way back, was  much more forgiving than Acculips.

The only other thing I have to compare Acculips to is DAZ Mimic. Mimic can lipsinc to a live voice, and I've never seen it stumble. It's not very articulate though.

Me, I'm a classroom - teacher - textbook kinda guy, and if this was available for Acculips, I would take it.
I have the same problem. It seems like the Iclone AccuLips is very limited in what it can do. It is as if the Iclone coders are saving the proper working software for their next version of Iclone. Too me this will be a waste of money as I have not seen one Iclone movie made by users that l can do lip sync to music for the whole duration of a song. When Iclone  make their rambling tutorials most of what they say does not follow what the video is doing:
 Often the English guy doing the tutorials on AccuLips talks so fast it is hard to learn anything and yet I see all the new users who have not yet tried the software saying how amazing the tutorials are . But as I say I have  yet to see them make a credible lip sync video. It is such a pity to see this happen. We all like our hobbies but is looks like the company owners of most software companies us the software updates the same way a Crack Dealer sells there crack. I doubt there will be any major updates to the 7.9 version of Iclone. And when the 8.0 version comes out I am sure it will have many annoying bugs that will stretch out the life of Iclone 8.0