iClone 7
Issue 3577
7.02 slow boot time / slow switching between content tabs once booted
Just tried to use iClone after several updates (iClone 7.02.0915.1, Super PBR Tools patch, some freebie content, and added some Mixamo-3DX-iClone motion conversions). Two main issues that were not present before updates:

1) iClone boot time -- seems to stall while loading icColorManagementSection.dll -- splash screen stays on that file for >90 seconds. The rest of the dll files load quickly.
2) Switching between Content is excruciatingly slow -- going from Template to Custom tab takes 90 seconds. Switching from one tab to another (say, Projects to Motions) takes another 90 seconds. Once a tab loads, switching between folders in that tab takes another 90 seconds. Loading contents of a folder is a little faster, but still takes 20-30 seconds. Everything else seems to work at normal speeds (opening a project, loading a prop or character, modifying objects, etc.) All the slowness seems to be contained within the content tab.

I tried Content 1-Click Verification but it didn't help.

Core i7 w/8GB DDR
GTX 1050 ti (4GB)
Win 7 (64-bit) Home Premium
OS: Windows 7
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Submitted bygordryd
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Still happening with 7.2.  Could this be caused by program installed on one drive and content library (template) installed on a different (SSD) drive?
Same problem cropping up again after update to 7.1 (it worked OK the first few times, now the same problems occur -- slow load time, slow switching between contents).  All other parts of the program appear to be working fine if you drag'n'drop files from Win Explorer.
Completely un-installed and re-installed iClone -- seems to be working now.  Unfortunately, I have to re-download ALL my purchased content (many gigabytes).  There has to be a better way to re-authorize previously downloaded/installed content...
I think this needs to be re-opened (it it was closed).  Definitely still an issue loading icColorManagementSection.dll -- splash screen says loading that file for >90 seconds.  Whenever that happens, once the program finishes loading, switching between content takes 90 seconds as well (for EVERY click).
Problem occurring again after adding content (Male Brute Armor & more Mixamo motion conversions).
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