3DXchange 7
Issue 5697
3DXchnage does not import the face bones by DAZ-Genesis properly.
The update 7.45
3DXchnage does not import the face bones properly. you can not move anything in the face. The same figure Gnenesis 2 in CC3 it ok. CC3 imports the facial bones correctly. I cant import a Genesis Charcter with 3DXchnage properly
OS: Windows 8.1
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Submitted byhj
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O soory, i forgott, that i have to do it in DAZ by importing in 3DXchange.

In CC3 it is not necessory, bcause CC3 did morph and not import the Character.
So i thaugt in 3DXchange it will be the same.

In the past time i did so. 
I export the Faceanimation and every thing was perfect.

Hans Jörgen
Oh soory, i forgot to do so

because it is not bessary for CC3, because CC3 make only a Morph and do not imported the Character.
Before "Transformer" i got the DAZ Charter with Face-animation, but i had also to export it in DAZ.

Sorry i thaugt now, a don not need it also in 3DXchange

Thank you for suport
Hans Jörgen
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi hi,

CC3/Transformer will convert FBX to be CC character.It will not keep the original bone structure, mesh topoloty, UV layout. All data in 3DX > Expression Editor are from CC3 converting process.You do not need to prepare the Facial Expression data.

3DXchnage will convert FBX to be Non-standard character. It will keep the original bone structure, mesh topology, UV layout, but the Expression data need to be prepared in 3rd party software (eg.Daz 3D).

Please follow the video tutorial to prepare the Expression data.
After success-converting you can move the morph slider in Expression Editor as you mentioned.

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Hi hj,

Did you set face key in Daz timeline? If you no,please refer to the help:

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the issue is with every G2 DAZ.  CC3 ok, 3DXchange failed bones

best hjw
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