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Issue 5869
3DXchange should support newer Sketchup versions
Trimble has made a change to 3DWarehouse, such that only Sketchup models in versions 2017, 2018, and 2019 can be downloaded.

None of these versions are supported by 3DXchange; the latest supported version is Sketchup 2015.

It would be great if 3DXchange were to be updated so that the latest Sketchup versions are supported.
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Submitted byanimagic
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You may be seeing this error message if you created a model with SketchUp 2016 and you'd like to open the model with SketchUp 2015 or older. Note that every major version of SketchUp (eg, 6, 7, 8, 2013, 2014, 2015) has a unique version of the *.skp file format. As such, the model needs to be saved in the correct version of SketchUp that will open the file. But don't worry, you can always "down save" a model so you can open the file in an older version. To do so, please follow these steps:

Open the version of SketchUp that matches the version of the SketchUp file. For example, SketchUp Pro 2016 or SketchUp Make 2016.
Open the SketchUp file by clicking File > Open.
Click File > Save As... This will open the Save dialog box.
Click the Save as Type drop-down menu and choose the version of SketchUp you would like to use to open the file. For example, SketchUp version 2015.
Modify the file name to make it unique, for example, add "-v2015" to the end of the file name.
Click OK. You can now open the resulting file in SketchUp Pro 2015.

Snarp Farkle
It's just time Reallusion!

A 64bit version of 3DxChange is way over due, I've been waiting and hoping for years that Reallusion would upgrade this valuable tool.
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Hi, animagic,

I have downloaded the free SketchUp Make 2017 from the SketchUp download page, and installed well, see attached screen shots.

It has options to save older format skp files with the Save As function.

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  • SketchUp Make 2017.png
Feedback Tracker Admin
Dear all,

We are sorry that since the new update of the SketchUp SDK provides 64-bit version only, so that we are unable to integrate the new SketchUp SDK into current 3DXchange 7. The workaround is to download an older version of SketchUp and retrograde the SKP files to version 2015.

Here is the information from the 3DXchange product web-page.

Appreciate your understanding.

It's a shame 3DExchange has lost the 3d Warehouse functionality as it was why I bought it
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