3DXchange 7
Released in 7.21
Issue 3707
3DXchange 7.2.1220.1 Crashes loading certain Blender OBJ files
This has happened to me twice now while working on creating 2 models in Blender.
The first time was yesterday while creating an Olivanders wand creator building.
The second time was today while creating a morph animatable snake friend for my Harry Potter.

In both cases I am creating several obj files and most of them load into 3DXchange7 with no problem at all.
But in both cases one of the files causes 3DXchange7 to crash every time I load it and I have attached both of these files that causes my 3DXchange7 to crash.

As a further test I tried loading both of these files into 3DXchange6 and both of them loaded fine.
In fact I exported them as props from 3DXchange6 and then loaded the props into 3DXchange7 and they also loaded fine

I think it may be something I have done to these 2 OBJ's in blender that is causing the crash, although if that is the case then why doesn't 3DXChange6 crash also? Anyway, whatever the case, errors I make shouldn't cause your software to crash so often, rather, in many cases it should identify the problem and tell us what it is so we know what to fix. So hopefully you will be able to see what is causing the crash and then add some code to 3DXchange so it will see the problem and tell its users what is wrong with the model rather than just crashing. Indeed, the same should be done with iClone and character creator. I love your software but I do hate how they crash so often and rarely handle and identify issues made by the user.

Sorry, went a little overboard but gonna leave it there.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byDelerna