Cartoon Animator 4
Issue 6107
2D Character Creator for CA
I have submitted a similar suggestion for CTA3 a year or so ago (Issue #5221) but it is just as relevant for CA4 so I am re-entering it so it remains in the queue.
My dream feature would be 2D Character builder. I won’t be bending the truth much if I say that the most dreaded, horrifically tedious, time consuming and utterly frustrating part for me is and has always been creating characters in CTA/CA. Those few times - since I first got CTA3 about a year ago - when I was ready to quit CA forever and switch to some other animation software were exactly the times of me trying to make the character look and move the way I wanted. PSD templates are ok, but I see those more as a workaround, as an optional extra feature for those living and breathing Photoshop. I understand that that may be a marketing strategy at play to encourage people to buy characters in the marketplace, fair enough, but even if you buy a character and want to customize it you'll be facing the same challenge. I understand that for the artists with great drawing/design skills that might not be an issue but for non-artists like me it absolutely is. And I am 100% positive that if Reallusion added at least a very basic character builder it would change the level and loyalty of their customer base forever. Even if it’s not part of the Pipeline, I would be the first one to pay for that extra plug-in. I want to be able to go pick heads, hands, skin tone, hair, hands, arms, eyes, etc, tweak size and shape of bodyparts and facial features and within minutes have a custom character that translates into a perfect template that you know will work in CA without missing eyes, misaligned bones and head or arms stuck in one position. Those who want to tinker with in Photoshop later can go right ahead but for many non-artists like me this is the make it or break it feature when it comes to the decision of whether or not to stick with CA or not.

You have a gorgeous creator for iClone, I don’t think it would take too much effort to create an add-on to your 3D Character Creator where you can export your 3D character into a 2D slice of it that would be CA-ready.

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Submitted bycandlelight2007
So you are wanting a character builder that you can choose parts from?

as it stands, every time I want new clothing, I have to make and upload a new character. Is that what you are addressing?

I agree, CTA4 needs an easier way for people to make custom characters or even just import them (there is a vote going for importing simplicity here:
This is such a good idea and if implemented would be like being in 2d heaven.