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Issue 7968
Tools To Speed Up Original Character Setup and Rigging
We need more tools that address the speed and efficiency of original character setup & rigging. We all want to spend less time rigging and more time animating and creating.
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Submitted byCurious_G
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Simple way to just upload PSD parts, have them sized correctly upon import, and the naming of simple folders in PSD. As it stands right now, I am 3 to 4 hours for complex custom created characters, and sometimes it's 5 to 6 hours for complex characters with 360 heads, just to get it into the right folders.

Example of the time it takes to rig a custom character. It's potential hours for a solid character.
Deborah Hearne
From what I understand, you want a tool that moves the images to the correct folders automatically. I believe someone was selling a PSD script that does this. It would be awesome if this feature was built into CTA.
Also, both a PC/Mac version of the After Effects scripts to automate the rigging would be needed.  Thank you! PM
I think an After Effects script that automatically links the new character parts to the rig would be extremely helpful.  The script might not create the perfect version of the character but at least link all the pieces for a workable solution and then allow tuning later by the artist.
A tool where you can load your layered PSD file and then choose from basic character types (biped, quadruped, etc) and angles (front, side, back) and head types (basic or 360), and then you tag the corresponding parts and joints on your layered PSD file and it will produce a rig that you can test out right away by applying test animations. 

A tool that automates the most tedious aspects of rigging.
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