• Build up your iClone 7 PBR material library for more realistic rendering and animated effects
  • Bake procedural Substance materials as image textures with selected resolutions
  • All materials are in .sbsar format, and can work with other Substance compatible tools

The pack includes bricks, stone, and terracotta materials. With them you can rearrange patterns in your 3D models as you add dirt, color, and other modifications as you apply them to your architectural designs and scenes.

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This selection provides many concrete and clay material patterns that are ideal for designing walls, walkways, pavements and more, giving you a more professional architectural outlook.

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To create realistic clothes you need the most authentic weaved fabrics, with the best natural leathers which you can alter with genuine folds, sharpness, warping, and roughness for unprecedented verism.

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Take care of your paths and landscapes with this solid collection of ground materials from cobblestones, stone floors, rock tiles, dirt, and even grass.

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Let your materials shimmer with these metallic surfaces that reflect light complete with rust, scratches, impacts, cracks and tracks.

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Let iClone take its course as it rots away your materials while allowing you to generate mildew, abscesses, pustules and other of mother nature’s delights.

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Safeguard your surfaces with these petroleum-based materials like carbon fiber, dimpled resins, teflon weaves, styrofoam exteriors and more.

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Polish your counters and decor your kitchens with Italian marble, granite countertops, ceramic tiles, and stone slabs included in this premium materials pack.

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Broaden your iClone possibilities by generating electricity on solar cells, overlapping with roof shingles, and tiling up your bathrooms these highly-practical surfaces.

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Varnish your floors and furniture with these beautiful wooden surfaces that emulate Honduran Mahogany, Western Cedars, everyday Plywoods, and much more.

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Product: Substance PBR 200+

The Substance PBR 200+ pack is part of the Visual Essentials collection, which can not be purchased individually. It can only be purchased together with the collection.

This Substance PBR 200+ collection is licensed from Allegorithmic where you can find official, physically-based content in high-resolution, available in tweakable Substance (.sbsar) formats for dynamic texturing.

Find fully procedural materials, to physically-based scans, and hand-painted materials that can be used directly in iClone 7, as well as other famous 3D render or game engines. You can bake these Substance materials to selected texture resolutions for optimal performance and a wide-range of application exports.


The whole new Substance PBR 200+ collection is a total revamp of the Substance Power 200. It includes many new materials in 10 broad categories.
You can search each category extensively, like for example, finding red regular or concrete terrazzo type of bricks.

Pack includes:

* .sbsar Files for iClone 7

  • Bricks x 22
  • Concrete & Clay x 31
  • Fabric & Leather x 24
  • Ground x 16
  • Metal x 25
  • Organic & Paper x 20
  • Plastic x 13
  • Stone x 24
  • Tiles x 15
  • Wood x 25

Artist : Allegorithmic

File Size: 125 MB

Compatible with: iClone 7.0

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