2 Wheels
It's a vehicle with 2 wheels that can move forward and backward. It can also turn left and right.
Basic Control
Speed: The speed will determine how fast will the 2 wheels move. The larger the number, the faster the movement. It will move forward when the speed is positive and backward when the speed is negative.
Turn left: The vehicle will turn left
Turn right: The vehicle will turn right
Move: The vehicle will start moving.
Stop: The vehicle will stop from moving.

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Advanced Control
Pick Object: Pick an object to behave the way the 2 Wheels behaves. For more information, Please read the How to control custom props using L2 Structures section.
Release Object: Release an object that has been picked. This object will no longer behave like the 2 wheels.
Max Speed: The maximum speed that 2 wheels can travel. It will change the range of the speed in basic control. For example, when Max Speed is 20, the speed ranges from -20 to 20.