Conveyor is designed to simulate a conveyor belt.
Basic Control
Speed: The speed will determine how fast will the object on the conveyor belt travel. The larger the number, the faster the movement. It will move toward the direction of the arrow when the speed is positive and backward when the speed is negative.
Start: Pressing this button will start moving the conveyor belt.
Stop: Pressing this button will stop the conveyor belt from moving.

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Advanced Control
Pick Object: Pick an object to behave the way the Conveyor behaves. For more information, Please read the How to control custom props using L2 Structures section.
Release Object: Release an object that has been picked. This object will no longer behave like the conveyor.
Picked Number: How many objects have been picked to act as the conveyor.
To simulate a smooth transportation, set the object carried by the conveyor with less friction and smoother bounding mesh. Box bounding type is rather harsh.