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Artillery interaction with controllable UIs.
Artillery with 4 movement directions.

Product : Physics Toolbox Siege Series-Artillery

The Physics Toolbox Series - Artillery is designed from a classical Howitzer model, which is equipped with a Turret and a set of 2-Wheels, with detailed textures. To control the Howitzer, you simply press Shoot. You may also use the user interface to adjust parameters such as angles, speed, direction and axes. Alternatively, you can press Start so that the UI steers the 2 Wheels. The pack also includes an add-on package of bullets which can help you enhance your battle projects. Rebuild your modern war scenes with this interactive weapon!
Go to Physics Toolbox to learn more about physics vehicles.

Pack includes :
iProp x 1 (Artillery-Howitzer )
File size : 23.5 MB
For iClone 5.23 or above!

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