How to Assemble the Skirts?
  How to Create Fantasy Avatars?  

How it works

  A. Create an Avatar.
  B. Attach Assembled Skirt/Wing to the Avatar.
  C. Make an unique Avatar by editing color & size.
For more detail, please follow the step-by-step instructions below.

A.Create an Avatar.
Use new Material for Upper/Lower to create a new Avatar.

A-1 Apply any Avatar that you want.
A-2 Apply the Inner Skirt/Upper in Lower/Upper Body.
A-3 Press the Explore button in Actor/Upper Body/Modify/Material & Texture Settings,
IC4 will open the Materials Lib folder.
A-4 Choose the desired Material in Upper folder. (eg. Upper 12_Fin)
A-5 Use the Drag & Drop function to drag the desired material to iClone and assign it to Upper Body.
A-6 Use the same method to drag the Material to Lower Body from the Lower folder.
You can adjust the setting of Material in Actor/Skin/Modify/Material & Texture Settings.

B.Attach Assembled Skirt/Wing to the Avatar.

B-1 You can attach Assembled Skirt/Wing to Avatar, follow the
''How to Use Assembled Skirt/Wing'' as the image below.

C.Make an unique avatar by editing color & size.

C-1 Select Skirt 12_Fin in Scene Manager, and move/scale/rotate it in Transform Tool.
C-2 Select any Skirt Segment in Scene Manager.
C-3 Use hotkey Y to switch to Modify/Material & Texture Settings.
Adjust Color of any Channel, and all the segments are updated at once!
If all the segments can not be updated at once, a different Material is being used. (eg. Skirt 19_Fire)
C-4 You can follow the instruments to adjust Assembled Wing as above.


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