How to Assemble the Skirts?  

How it works:

  A. Design the outline of skirt and choose the proper material for the segments.
  B. Copy the segments and then place them in the appropriate location.
  C. Group the segments and make them become a single Prop.
For more details, please follow the step-by-step instructions below.

A.Design the outline of skirt and choose the proper material for the segments..

A-1 Design the outline of skirt.

Design the skirt layer by using the plane skirt segments from Vol.2.


Apply the proper segments according to your outline of the skirt.

Choose the material for your skirt, such as fin, petal, feather...etc.
  Select the Skirt Segment and use the hotkey Y to switch to Modify/Material & Texture Settings
  Press the Explore button in Modify/Material & Texture Settings, IC4 will open the Materials Lib folder.
  Choose the desired Material.
Use the Drag & Drop function to drag the desired material to iClone and assign it to the segment.

B.Copy the segment and then place them to the appropriate location.

B-1 Move the segment to the appropriate position.

Switch to Move/Rotate mode.

  Hold down the Ctrl key, and then move/rotate the segment. Upon the release of the Mouse key, the segment will be duplicated. Keep doing this until the skirt is complete.


C.Group the segments and make them become a single Prop..

C-1 Apply Dummy.iProp and move it to the appropriate position.
  Tip. If you can not see the Dummy Tool, please make sure that Dummy Object is checked in Preference/Display Information/Dummy Object.

Choose all the segments from the Scene Manager.

Right click to execute Attach and click on the Dummy to attach all the segments to the Dummy.

You can operate on the Dummy to move, scale, rotate, and save the whole skirt.(This Pack also provides Assembled Skirts & Wings). You can also assemble the wings following the step-by-step instructions above.



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