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  6 Categories of Charts for Different Applications
Edit Animated Charts via the Timeline
Render Style Ready Animated Props

This pack includes 6 major categories of animated charts that are most commonly used in business reports and training videos. You can use them to present concepts like growth, progress, phases, focus, connections and percentages.

The animated charts in this pack can be customized to different percentage/tempo/ speed, to be used with any chart type of your choice.

There are some basic shapes, comic bubbles and signs included that can be used along with animated charts. They can also be combined with more graphs for a huge number of possibilities.

This pack includes frequently used infographic icons like the ones used in transportation and office facilities. And they all come with useful animated effects like traffic lights that change from green to red.

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 • Charts x 42
 • Icons x 49

Author : Reallusion
File size : 15.9 MB

Required : CrazyTalk Animator 2.14 or above

  How to Wizard
How to Customize Percentage
How to Customize Tempo
How to Customize Speed
How to Change Color
How to Refine the Edge of Objects


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