Comic Motions for Various Jobs

Dazzle up your occupational characters with the right motions. This pack contains a large set of animations for different occupations like; Businessman, Concierge, Courier, Policeman, Server, Waitress, Street Artist, Peddlers, Constructors, Astronaut, and even stealthy Burglar.

Natural Behaviors for Pedestrians

To create a bustling street scene you need all sorts of people who tend to their shops and business, pedestrians that move around in the street, street performers that entertain, or parents interacting with their children. This pack contains a vast library of motions for people on the street like; answering phone, listening to music, waiting on the bench, drunk, bored and different types of walking motions.

Actions for Cocky Guard Dog

Get a unique motion collection for this cocky Guard Dog that bravely confronts perpetrators when accompanied by a backup character, but cowers when he is on his own. Create your hero rescue pooch that jumps through fires, or a vicious junkyard mutt, with these carefully crafted dog motions that include; chasing people, readying for attack, proudly walking, or on-command obedience!

Cleverly Connect Between Motion Clips

Most of these motions can smoothly blend back to their initial stand-by pose, allowing you to easily loop and connect to other motions to form larger motion sequences. Cleverly employ the Start (S) motions for the beginning of your animations, followed by Loop (L) motions for continuous action, and finalize with End (E) motions to close the circuit.


Product: G3 Human Motions - Occupation Animations

The fun part of animation is creating stories purely through moving silhouettes! Spend time on the fun part of storytelling by using this great collection of cartoon animations that can be easily applied to different scenarios and circumstances with just a couple of clicks.

This Occupation Animations pack not only provides typical working motions for peddlers, construction workers, police, and entertainers but it also has natural motions for pedestrians who walk, sit, look around, talk on the phone, listen to music, and more, giving life to your animated neighborhood! Included is also a cocky guard dog and his own dog motions.

Take advantage of nearly 200 key-frame motions in cartoon style, that not just greatly enhance any 2D motion library but that are also highly suitable for business presentations, infographics, training or explainer videos.

The props are not included. If you wish to purchase some of the additional assets that were used for display, please see the links below : G3 Accessories - Occupation Objects

Pack includes :

Artist : Reallusion

File Size: 197 MB
Compatible with: CrazyTalk Animator 3.3 or above

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