One-click Hair Sets

Inside you will find 28 of the most popular hairstyles for Male and Female. Combine them with different facial looks, or instantly change the hair colors to best represent the personality of their professions. Get creative and combine your new characters with different outfits and accessories.

Match Accessories to Each Career

This valuable collection has more than 80 gears and accessories that are arranged for different business applications. Use them for a police officer equipped with pistol, belt, and hat. A construction work with hammers, helmets and utility belt. Or servants with towels, trays and tablets.

Emotion with Animated Effects

The collection contains vibrant animated effects to instantly add personality and moods to your G3 characters. Applying them to your characters is easy through the built-in Action Menu options.

Emotion with Animated Effects

How to

How to Attach Gear to Character ?

To attach an item to the character, make sure you drag the object to the target body part in Character Composer. You may need to fine adjust the position of gear after apply motion.


Product: G3 Accessories - Occupation Objects

A must-have collection for any user who wishes to quickly create, customize, or modify existing G3 characters. Inside you’ll find a wealth of complimentary assets that you can use to instantly personalize any character by changing their hairstyle, adding accessories, or adjusting their moods!

Inside this collection you will find diverse hairstyle bases, 65 x gears, and 24 x accessories to create all kinds professional and casual looks. Along with fully-animated motion effects.

All accessories and props are designed in resolution-independent vector formats, allowing you to easily apply various color schemes through the practical Render Style feature.

Pack includes :

Artist : Reallusion

File Size: 143 MB
Compatible with: CrazyTalk Animator 3.2 or above

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