Ready-to-Animate Cats

This pack includes 3 different cat breed, each with its own unique style. Have fun with the Orange Tabby cat as he looks into mischief and adventure; the white Persian has long graceful hair that requires considerable grooming; and then you have your everyday Moggy who is resilient and loyal. They are all ready with unique motions, for use in any 2D animated feline scene!



Inside, every cat lover will find 65 motions in 3 major categories that have been especially designed for cats. You'll get all the typical cat behaviors like: shaking, kneading, stretching, jumping and much more.


Product: G3 Animals - Cats

Liven any home scene with the pets we love. Use this content pack to instantly animate and build 2D cats with natural-looking styles. These 3 cat breeds are ready to be animated with up to 65 unique domestic cat motions for all kinds of agile felines.

Pack includes :

Artist : Reallusion

File Size: 33.7 MB
Compatible with: CrazyTalk Animator 3.3 or above

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