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Create your own G2 Buddy Characters

The purpose of this pack is to teach you how to create G2 Buddy characters in the easiest way, with help from this instructional step-by-step character creation PDF. Use the the provided Standard template for asymmetrical characters that do not have identical left and right sides, or use the Quick Mode template for symetrical characters to easily mirror their left and right sides.


Standard Flash Template

Best for creating asymmetrical character designed by modifying each body side individually.

Quick Mode Flash Template

This easy template is great for symmetrical character designs that can be used when mirroring left-right sides for fast character creation.

Character Creation Document

A step-by-step instructional document that shows you how to use the Standard and Quick Mode templates, to create your very own G2 Buddy characters prior to importing them into CrazyTalk Animator.


Product: Buddy Templates (Exclusive Bonus for Buddy's World)

Creating a CrazyTalk Animator G2 Buddy character is easy! And this pack has been created to make it even easier! This pack will teach you how to create Buddy characters in the easiest way with instructions, and templates that anybody can follow.

Pack includes :

  • Standard Flash Template x1
  • Quick Mode Flash Template x1
  • PDF x1
  • PNG x1


Author :Reallusion

File size: 7.85 MB

Required: CrazyTalk Animator 2.14 Pipeline or above


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