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CrazyTalk Avatars for Interactive Applications

The Interactive Plug-in is an add-on for CrazyTalk Pro. By using it developers can convert and export CrazyTalk avatar assets optimized for Unity mobile apps design, and create interactive web application using JavaScript.

CrazyTalk Interactive Plug-in Workflow

* Please take note that in order to playback/interact with the CrazyTalk animations, your audiences will first need to install the free Unity Web Player which should be easily available to download and install via their web browsers.

Compare the Differences

  Web Design Unity Game and Apps Design
Program Code Javascript JavaScript & C# code
Avatar API:     
- Avatar Control  Show, Hide, Fade Show, Hide, Fade
- Animated Script Control Play, Pause, Stop Play, Pause, Stop
- Look-At and Gaze Direction and Strength Direction and Strength
- Progressive Download Multi-thread download, Pre-load N/A
- Background Images Change background image N/A
Command Reference Guide (PDF) Yes Yes
Application Templates Coming Soon Functional Demo Project
Unity PlugIn   Project Preparation and Data Preview
Product Package CrazyTalk7 PRO, CrazyTalk Interacitve Plug-in CrazyTalk7 PRO, CrazyTalk Interactive Plug-in, CrazyTalk Unity Plug-in