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Version Comparison

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iClone 6 Trial and Full Comparison | iClone 5 and iClone 6 Comparison | Go to iClone 5 Edition Comparison
Category Major Features iClone 5 iClone 6
Director-oriented layout:
Actor, Prop, Scene, Animation, SFX.
Drag-n-Drop Creation & In-screen Editing
Content & Scene Manager
Timeline Editing
Content Manager - Search & Favorite Definition
Dockable UI & Custom Layout
Enhanced Timeline:
Multiple Object Editing, Dope Sheet, Zoom View
Real-time Smooth
Tessellation from DirectX11
Plug-in Structure & Expansion
Ultra-realistic Render via Indigo Plug-in
Actor Creation
Custom 3D Head from Photo
Custom Cloth Design with CloneCloth
Character Morphing & Deformation
Collision Shape Editing for Object Interaction
Character Generation G5 Character
G6 Character*
HumanIK Motion Editing
Audio Lip-sync
Instant Motion Performance & Persona
Facial Motion Puppet
Body Motion Puppet
Transition Curve & Time Warp
Save & Reuse Motions using MotionPlus
Bullet Engine - Rigid Body / Soft Body / Consraint
PhysX Engine - Rigid Body / Soft Cloth / Constraint
PhysX Engine - Object-Oriented Constraint
PhysX Engine - SoftCloth Editing  
PhysX Engine - Collision Shape Editing for Character
Stage & FX
Natural Environment System:
Terrian, Water, Tree, Grass, Sky, Atmoshphere
Interactive Prop with LUA Script
Prop Puppet
Ambient Occlusion, HDR & IBL
Toon Shader (Cel Shader)
Particle FX
Post FX
Infinite number of light  
Light Prop  
Sky Tool (Smart Day Time Control System)  
Substance Material (Dynamic Texture) Editing  
Wind, LOD & Content Variety

* Please note that G6 Character (bone+morph) is Non-Standard character.