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Version Comparison

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iClone 6 PRO VS. Standard
iClone 6 is designed with DirectX 11(DX11) architecture in mind, and thus requires an up-to-date 3D gaming computer in order to make your animations fly. If you already have a compatible machine that is capable of handling DX11 rendering, you may carefree to fully enjoy the powerful iClone 6 new features. If your current computer is equipped with DirectX 9 (DX9), and you still would like to play with this new tool and most iClone 5 level content, then no worries, Reallusion also provides a version of iClone 6 that can run on DX9!
Category Major Features iClone 6 DX11


iClone 6 DX11


iClone 6 DX9


Director-oriented layout:
Actor, Prop, Scene, Animation, SFX.
Drag-n-Drop Creation & In-screen Editing
Content & Scene Manager
Timeline Editing
Content Manager - Search
Content Manager - Favorite Definition  
Dockable UI
Custom Layout
Enhanced Timeline:
Multiple Object Editing, Dope Sheet, Zoom View
Real-time Smooth  
Tessellation from DirectX11  
Plug-in Structure & Expansion
Ultra-realistic Render via Indigo Plug-in
(Not support Particle, Tree, & Billboard)
Actor Creation
Custom 3D Head from Photo
(for G5 characters or below)
Custom Cloth Design with CloneCloth
Character Morphing & Deformation
Collision Shape Editing for Object Interaction
Character Generation G6 Character*
G6 Character*
G6 Character*
HumanIK Motion Editing
Audio Lip-sync
Instant Motion Performance & Persona
Facial Motion Puppet
Body Motion Puppet
Transition Curve & Time Warp
Save & Reuse Motions using MotionPlus
PhysX Engine - Rigid Body / Soft Cloth / Constraint
PhysX Engine - Object-Oriented Constraint
PhysX Engine - SoftCloth Editing
PhysX Engine - Collision Shape Editing for Character
Stage & FX
Natural Environment System:
Terrian, Water, Tree, Grass, Sky, Atmoshphere

Interactive Prop with LUA Script
Prop Puppet
Ambient Occlusion, HDR & IBL
Toon Shader (Cel Shader)
Particle FX
Post FX
Infinite number of light  
Light Prop
Sky Tool (Smart Day Time Control System)
Substance Material (Dynamic Texture) Editing
New SpeedTree: Wind, LOD & Content Variety Support Old SpeedTree
Import & Export
Import image (JPG, BMP, GIF, TGA, PNG)
Import video (AVI, WMV)
Import audio (MP3, WAV)
Import sprite video (popVideo)
Export image sequence (JPG, BMP, PNG, TGA)
Export Video (WMV, AVI, MP4)
3D stereo output
4K output for both image and video

* G6 Character (bone+morph) is Non-Standard character. Full Morph-ready G6 character will be released in free 6.1 patch
** DX9 version is for computer not supporting DX11. Users shall be able to work with all iClone 5 contents.

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