The Smart Gallery aims to bring an intuitive and streamlined content experience when managing multiple assets. Now users can manage all their inventory via the Smart Gallery along with new features like: Direct installation, search & browse content in pack view or item view, custom tagging, purchase to download, trial to buy, and assistance for developer content upload. If you are part of a Workgroup with multiple seat licenses, then you can share the same assets under one account for efficient teamwork collaboration. Simply log into your account to enjoy all the benefits and new features.

* To make the Smart Gallery work intelligently to satisfy different user scenarios. Know More>>

Available for iClone 7.72(or above)
File Size: 53.3 MB

Available for CC 3.22(or above)
File Size: 53.3 MB

* The Smart Gallery is fully compatible with iClone (v.7.72) and Character Creator (v.3.22), please be sure to update your applications first.

Smart Inventory Management

All your purchased content from the Content Store and Marketplace will sync with the Smart Gallery once you logged in. You can download and install your assets directly via the Smart Gallery, and you can search and browse content by pack or item.

Browse by Pack

All your purchased content packs are displayed under the Pack View tab. Double-click on the thumbnail to install it, or view all content items in this pack. Right-click to uninstall it or check its product page.

Browse by Item

The easiest way to search target items in any content type. You can search them by keywords and tags, sort them by content category, or find all items under their original pack. Now there is no need to remember their long installation paths.

Purchase & Install Optimization

When you purchase content in the Content Store or Marketplace, the system will automatically sync with the Smart Gallery during checkout. This will allow you to download and install all your purchased content directly from the Smart Gallery.

Free Resource Download & Content Update

Smart Gallery provides you the fast and convenient way to install free resource pack and update contents. The Content Update Notification icon will appear on the thumbnail of installed asset if there is any content updated. Double-click on the thumbnail to renew assets. If you want to know what has been updated, right-click to “Update” and see more information.


Effortless Trial to Buy Experience

Select and add your trial content from the Marketplace. Download them via the Smart Gallery and try before you buy. If you are satisfied with the trials, then you can directly add them to your cart for checkout.

Content Management By Tagging

In addition to official tags, the Smart Gallery allows you to define custom tags for selected items. With this, you can effortlessly retrieve content based on your own classification, no matter by project, genre, usage, or abbreviations.

Workgroup - Multi-seat Content Access under One Account

For corporate and studio accounts, that need to manage and share digital assets across teams, each seat member can access the same asset pool when logging into the Smart Gallery.

  • Register multi-seat Reallusion software in one account.
  • Content automatically shared in a workgroup.
  • Assets licensed for commercial use to all workgroup members.
  • No DRM watermark for collaborated projects.
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Developers can take advantage of the new content pack preparation feature for folder management, Marketplace uploads and downloads.

  • Sync your custom content and projects with the Smart Gallery.
  • Manage folders and paths before uploading.
  • Upload your content to the Marketplace via the Smart Gallery.
  • Download to test your uploaded packs from the Smart Gallery/Developer folder.
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1. Pack/Item View

Click to sort by content pack or single item.

2. Category

Click to sort by content usage.

3. New Purchased

Click to find and download newly purchased items from the Reallusion Content Store and Marketplace.

4. Free Resource

Click to download high-quality resource assets.

5. Update

Click to check the contents that allow to update.

6. Developers

Click to manage and test your uploaded content.

7. Trial

Click to download and test trial content from the Reallusion Marketplace.

8. Recommended

Click to try our monthly recommend content.

9. Custom

Click to manage your custom content.

10. Tag

Click to see all purchased content packs.


11. Search Filter

Click to filter by name, author or tag.


12. Refresh

Click to renew content after purchasing.

13. Online/Offline Mode

Keep online mode to sync database, or turn off when you are on a slow internet scenario.

14. Menu

Installation/Update Filter

Click to filter by install and update status.

View Installing List

Click to check your installing assets.

Sync Local Content

Click to sync already installed local content.

Import Custom Content

Click to import your custom content.

Hide Invisible Content/Update Prompt

Click to hide unused contents and update prompt.

Content Store & Market Place Entrance

Select and buy your favorite content.

Video Tutorials

Click to watch tutorials.