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Acting Workshop:
Natural Facial Performance
Want to create top quality CrazyTalk movies with vivid facial expressions at ease? The pack provides 43 facial expression clips and 5 scripts. Simply insert them and your characters will perform at their best!
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Turn Photos to Singing Videos

With CrazyTalk, you can bring a famous book character or a family photo to live with facial animation, voiceover and even singing!
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Computer Takeaway
"This software would appeal to any level of expertise, from young kids wanting to make their own animations of storybook characters to more professional film makers or web editors wanting to put a bit more interest into their animations or create site guides etc."
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NEW Online - 50 Expert-created Tutorials for iClone

iClone Training Resource Centre just added 50 plus tutorials created by iClone professionals! Find out how to cast your characters, place cameras and lights, build 3D scenes and more with the help of iClone product experts.

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Easy to Create iClone Interactive Content

With the aid of the AML Script Generator and Script Editor, you can customize your own iClone iContent (interactive content, such as Personas and iProps) using templates and less complicated programming scripts. Learn how with our sample projects and guided video tutorials.
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Coming Soon! Reallusion Creative Resource Centre

Attention iClone and CrazyTalk users!! A brand-new filmmaking resource centre for creative designers will open where you can find the best saving for companion partner tools and high quality materials for 3D moviemaking, including visual effects, audio clips, script writing programs, and many more.

The Creative Resource Centre to be open in April 2009. Stay Tune!

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Feature Artist
Brian Richardson
(a.k.a. Popeye)
"I came across iClone and I immediately thought this could be an excellent tool in motivating pupils in all areas of the curriculum."
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