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  Take advantage of our special offers on 3D real-time animation tools and content packs today. Offers end April 30, 2008.
iClone Hundred Years' War Theme Pack
1st of the iClone History Series Pack, this theme pack contains 6 characters, 3 warhorses, 112 fighting motions, 31 horse motions, 29 props, 26 flag textures, 1 3D castle scene, 4 accessories and 5 live props - a great collection for war game hobbyist or history educators.
iClone City Elements-Suburban Streets Vol. 1
Part of the City Elements, the Suburban Streets Vol. 1 allows you to utilize props as building blocks. Invent your suburban set for iClone movies today.
Meet the Most Beautiful iClone Girls
The Top 3 most beautiful iClone girls have been selected! Visit our Forum and see if your favourite was chosen and which prize you can receive.
Media-in-Education Workshops 2008
Reallusion introduces the world of 3D animation to schools through our workshops on April 9 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) and April 11 (Singapore).
CNET.com.au on CrazyTalk 5

"It still makes us laugh, and the user support is stellar. Great software for a rainy day."

PC Welt Germany

iClone and CrazyTalk have won awards from PC Welt Magazine. Read about what we have achieved in Germany.

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CrazyTalk5 Demo Reel
Transform photos and images into talking animated characters and bring them to life with real-time puppeteering.

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