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G2 Submission Intro

CCD G2 contents are here! The new submission categories of G2 Character and G2 Texture are open for CCD members now. Besides new submission guideline, Reallusion also introduces the first batch of certified G2 contents from some of our most qualified and creative CCD artists: CoolCreators, Aknzrdude, and Peter Edward.

G2 Submission Alternatives

The new release of iClone G2 Character base models will unleash your creativity for producing contents. The submission categories of G2 Character and G2 Texture can be implemented through 4 different base tools. You can refer to the matrix below to identify the possible alternatives for submission.

G2 Texture
G2 Character

G2 CloneCloth
Base Model

G2 Standard
Base Model
G2 Nude
Base Model
Max Template
G2 Submission Benefits
• Get the Valuable G2 Character Max Templates and White Paper
G2 Character Max templates (Male and Female) have been released. Anyone certified for publishing G2 textures are entitled to get the G2 Character Max templates and the white paper. You can apply for these powerful tools for your creation after your G2 texture submission.
• Complete Marketing Campaign for Your Work
Reallusion highly regards your creation and has a complete marketing plan for CCD content sales. Besides selling your contents in the Reallusion Store, we offer another opportunity for your content sold in Renderosity. The first batch of G2 contents will be on sale there early August.
• Join G2 Submission Now for Fashion Gear
To encourage your submission for G2 contents, Reallusion offers the prize of "Fashion Gear" to the first 5 certified CCD members who have submitted one theme pack (at lease 3 sets of textures) before July 30. Once your works are certified, you will receive this wonderful accessory collection FREE.
Hot! Wishful Content Survey Results

Providing CCD the timely info on iClone content demands, the above graphics presents the results of our iClone wishful content survey (from April 17 to May 12, 2007) for your creation reference.

Reallusion @ Siggragh

Reallusion now offers limited Free Passes (value $75) for CCD members to the exhibition of Siggraph 2007 in San Diego. Come and join us at Booth 1829!

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Featured Theme Packs
Knights of Ashkan
60's Dress and
CoolCreators Vol. 1
Centurion Collection
  in CoolCreators
Bonaparte Love
Maya Plug-in Beta

To connect iClone with a powerful modeling tool in the 3D world, Maya plug-in Beta can help to make your Maya characters alive in iClone. This Beta is compatible with Maya 7.0.

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