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With one photo and CrazyTalk, you can easily create an interactive Skype avatar for sale.
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iClone Army Cam Texture Packs
2 Army Cam Packs comprise a total of 10 upper and 10 lower textured clothing items, plus shoes and accessories. Alter the clothing on hue, contrast, brightness and strength, and you can create the style variations of your liking.
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iClone American History Volume Collection Texture Pack
The American History Volume Collection Pack includes 4 prominent figures in the American history: Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin and Martin Luther King. One collection and 4 individual packs are available for purchase.
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Love is with CrazyTalk
CrazyTalk Love Effects Pack
10 expressive comic effects perfect for you to deliver love messages to your sweetheart. Also available as CrazyTalk for Skype animated expressions.
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Product Spotlight
iClone 2.0 - March 2007 Release
iClone 2.0 will bring you the 2nd generation (G2) avatars with 9 all new Base Character Body Shapes, custom character clothing to cut and design, real-time particle effects, live plants for 3D scenes, and many other new features.

Coming Soon in MARCH 2007!
Reallusion Community
Hot Tip: How to Create a 3D Scene with 3D Space
The most commonly requested tip is “how to make a 3D scene?". Check out the new iClone Hints & Tips – Case 8 and learn the steps with illustrated tutorial and video instruction.
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CrazyTalk User Survey
CrazyTalk online product survey allows you to express opinions and share experience. Give us your feedback and check out the results today!
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CrazyTalk Reviews
Computer Graphics World
“New to this generation of the product, the CrazyTalk Media Studio Timeline offers an editing interface designed to direct facial animation.”
By Courtney Howard
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“If you are looking for a software program full of fun and loaded with options for creating terrific animations from your photos, CrazyTalk is it.”
By Kathie Berry
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Machinima 101 Resource Center
Machinima 101 resource centre on Machinima.com teaches everything you need to know about machinima filmmaking. Using iClone as the teaching tool, the centre includes film glossary, video examples, tutorials, user showcases, and many more.
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