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Commercialize the concept of "Avatar"
What is "Avatar" ?
"Avatar" is your online identity and a self-extension of your personality, visualized. Break away from your web cam and transform into any style of avatar to represent your mood, dreams, fantasy and whimsical nature.
Benefit yourself through "Avatar"
CrazyTalk for Skypeallows users to deploy talking avatars on video calls. Amazingly, the extra application for Skype won the #1 Top Choice contributing to over 1 million downloads, therefore, the new business opportunity to sell avatar contents has arrived.
What's hot online now
With just one photo and CrazyTalk, you can quickly create interactive avatars for sale. There are six major store channels to sell these avatars as above. Now, you must be very curious what exactly the most popular category of avatars will be? Here is user feedback telling us what users want most for CrazyTalk for Skype.

How to make Avatar for sale?
To sell contents in our online store, you have to own the product CrazyTalk first that can generate CTM file which is what the avatar is based on.

Create your image
You can create images by taking picture of your pets or from your drawing, painting and etc.

  Prepare 2 image files
a. TGA file with alpha
b. BMP file of process background with feather or clone stamp
  Import TGA image
Import your TGA file to CrazyTalk and initiate facial features to make sure they can be easily captured.
Advanced setting
Besides, be sure to edit eyes and teeth of your avatar that can optimize its capability on CrazyTalk for Skype.

  Background image
Then, you should import the other image BMP (from background mask setting) to have the avatar more solid.
  Save as CTM file
Finally, export your work as a CTM file that can be applied to CrazyTalk for Skype.

*Impressed by the easy procedures?
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Featured Artist

Paul Louis
Paul Louis, the author of popular series Cool Town Story, is a certified content developer in the  Reallusion CCD program and a marketable creator who is skilled at grabbing the hearts of customers.

"iClone became a gift of self growth and creative potential for me, and more importantly, for my little girl, Hali......."

Know more about Paul
Clever Story Teller
With his genius in creating live characters, Paul always amazes people by his exclusive imagination. Another valuable feature is to introduce his characters under specific context of epic or tale, Paul’s theme based packs are key to his success.
Enjoy his works
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3D Film School
Making film come easy
Machinima 101 resource centre on Machinima.com teaches everything about machinima filmmaking. Using iClone as the teaching tool, the centre includes film glossary, video examples, tutorials, user showcases, and many more.
iClone Demo videos
The film glossary below leads you to wonderful video samples made with iClone

- Directing
- Composition
- Editing
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