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iClone Fantasy World Arrived!
Dungeon Quest Character Packs
3 characters - Warrior Maximus, Swordswoman Doris, Female Mage Tialia � with individual personality, matching weapons, and fighting motions perfect for the leading roles in the adventure.
Meet Warrior Maximus
Meet Swordswoman Doris
Meet Female Mage Tialia
Dungeon Quest Weapons Accessory Packs
20 weapons, including swords, axes, mace, hammer, staffs and shields, match different styles and fighting skills of each character.
Pick Warrior Weapons
Pick Swordswoman Weapons
Pick Female Mage Weapons
Dungeon Quest Motion Packs
96 loop-able motions include attack, defense, idle, victory, surrender and death, designed to fit each character�s personality, movement, and fighting skills.
See Warrior Motions
See Swordswoman Motions
See Female Mage Motions
Dungeon Quest Effects Pack Volume I (Beta) Free Download
20 particle effects, including fire, fog, magic and snow, are FREE for you to build exciting atmospheres and create particular ambiance.
Watch Effects
Create Effects
Dungeon Monster Live Prop Pack
With a gigantic body and a huge club, Dungeon Monster guards the dangerous underground and is ready to attack any intruders.
Meet Dungeon Monster
Dungeon Scene Pack
3D Dungeon Scene provides the ideal setting for the characters to travel into the dark and fight against the villain monster.
Visit Dungeon Scene
New Content on the Store Shelf
iClone Cool Town Story III Texture Packs
The latest Cool Town packs include 6 more characters, from the superhero, witch to Italian chef, and each character has distinct personality and style. One full collection pack and 6 individual texture packs are available for purchase.
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CrazyTalk Artist in Action � Eric Rosner
�Not only did CrazyTalk solve the lip-sync problem but the array of pre-set emotions allowed me to take my characters into a new dimension. Emotions! I never could have imagined that it would be possible. My characters had personality and it was wonder bar.�
Eric Rosner, Director of Animation for TVLand / Nick @ Nite
Meet Eric Rosner
View Artist's Work
Reallusion Community
Hints & Tips
How to make my iClone avatar talk without using CrazyTalk?

CrazyTalk is iCloners� best companion for advanced facial animation and lip sync of 3D characters. However, if you do not have CrazyTalk, you can create a basic talking avatar with the following steps:

1. Go to "Animation" Tab, select "Facial Animation"
2. Select "Modify" tab
3. Here you can either load a .wav file or record your own audio
4. Save the audio file. You can find it under the "Custom" tab.
5. Click "Play" of the preview window and you now have a talking iClone avatar.

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More Hints & Tips
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Reallusion Content Store
From characters to full 3D sets and props, Reallusion Content Store gives you access to the assets for a variety of themes to match most any projects.

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iClone Animation Theatre
Check out 5 newest movies showcasing iClone users' skills and creativity!
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News & Events
CrazyTalk User Survey
CrazyTalk online product survey allows you to express opinions and share experience. Give us your feedback and check out the results today!
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Machinima Festival 2006
See Reallusion live at Machinima Festival and watch the full video of Tech Showcase featuring iClone for machinimators.
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iClone Review

The Overcast
�Reallusion has blown people away by providing a platform for 100% ownership and solving problems that have troubled Machinima to now.�
- Overman
Listen to the Report
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