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From character packs to full 3D sets and props, the Reallusion Content Store gives you access to the assets for a variety of themes to match most any projects.
Get Natural Text-to-Speech Voices for CrazyTalk
Need high quality TTS varieties for your talking characters? Cepstral provides realistic synthetic voices that can say anything, anywhere, with personality and style!
RealityCheck Subscriber Exclusive: Get 20% off when you purchase Cepstral voices with this coupon code: REALLUSIONTTS
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New Arrival in Content Store
iClone Mega Motion Pack - Volume II
Another grand release of Mega Motion Pack by the renowned motion content creator, Credo Interactive. 77 clean and consistent motions including ambient, probe, search, walk, run, office, and service, are handy for your iClone movies. One full collection and 4 themed packs are available for purchase.
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Reallusion Mobile
Spice Up Your Phone with Photos, Music, and Movies
Got bored of the dull image on your handset? Let WOWPix and WOWVideo bring style, fun and true personality to your mobile phone.
WOWPix - Stylish, Personalized MV Caller ID
Refresh your mobile experience with animated images for the stand-by mode and incoming events and custom music ringtone. Plus full screen Caller ID for dedicated contacts and many more interactive features!
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WOWVideo � Personalized Video Ringtones
Customize your mobile phone with favorite movie clips for incoming events and unique full screen video Caller ID for dedicated contacts. Plus active message, stylish SMS message display and many more interactive features!
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New Look for Reallusion Mobile
Just launched! The brand-new section of Reallusion Mobile offers the latest product news, embedded solutions and platform solutions. Watch for new product releases and exciting features at mobile.reallusion.com
5 New Movies in Animation Theatre
From Mickey Mouse, Glenn Gould, to the Streets of New York, iCloners are expanding their skills and creativity to offer you these outstanding showcases!
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Reallusion Community
Hints & Tips
How can I increase the speed when exporting my work to video in iClone 1.5?

To speed up the rendering time, simply go to Preference on the top right hand side of the program. Inside “Render”, uncheck "Anti-Aliased" and reduce the Texture Size.

By doing so, the render speed can go up, approximately 5 times for NVIDIA 6600 and below graphics cards.

Making these changes in Preference only affects the display quality in the Work Window and will not lower the actual quality of your video.

For more hints and tips, go to http://forum.reallusion.com
Reallusion in the Classroom
Winners Announced for Torcomp/Studica CrazyTalk Competition
The Studica Skills Competition has announced its winners! Sponsored by Reallusion, the event had over 1,000 students from 50 schools who demonstrated their creative skills using CrazyTalk and competed for cash prizes and recognition.
The Competition was hosted by Studica, a division of Torcomp, Inc. Torcomp is an authorized academic reseller of Reallusion software.

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News & Events
Machinima Festival
Reich and Roll, an iClone movie by Hurlook, has entered the competition for the 2006 Machinima Festival Awards. Join Hurlook and other iCloners to experience Reallusion's powerful yet easy to use tools for real-time filmmaking and pre-visualization.

View Reich and Roll

About Machnima Festival
Your Wishes Matter for iClone Content Release
Missing anything for iClone projects? Whether it is a character, texture, motion, accessory, or prop, just let us know and we will create it for you.
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iClone Review
�Machinimators could benefit from the ability to transform any photo into a talking 3D character, thus opening up the possibility of moving away from the constraints of single game engine environments and publishing restrictions.�
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What Users Said
about iClone

�I am so happy to tell you that just two hours after I put my "LULLABY" video, the one I made with iClone and that won the 3rd place for Renderosity's Reallusion Siggraph 2006 Contest, it has got 4 Stars in YouTube. I am so happy for a personal pride and much more because this can give a good commercial to a product, iClone, that I love and that deserves any good luck.�
- Pupino
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