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For helpfulness and content, I liked the Reallusion booth at Siggraph, which had a compelling new software for pre-vizing CG movies, etc. Plus, they were the friendliest and most easy to talk to at the show.                            - CG Society, Siggraph Report
iClone 1.5 Now Available
iClone 1.5 significantly expands your creative power for character generation, facial animation and scene production, with real-time pixel shader supporting state-of-the-art 3D visual effects, animation timeline, quick 3D scene buildup with 3D blocks, and multi-texture effects. iClone 1.5 is feature full and free for 1.0 users.
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Great Tips Shared by iClone 1.5 User:
Steve Draun
How to establish a walk path and change directions in iClone 1.5
A creative use of 3D blocks and multi-texture effects in iClone 1.5
Real-time 3D Model Collection by Geo-metricks
Instantly boost your iClone scenes when you include these 3D models with good quality, textures, and efficient polygon count.
iClone 24 Modern Urban Cars Prop Pack
A fabulous collection of 24 urban modern cars, with super low polycount and 512 x 512 image resolution. One collection pack and 4 mini packs are available for purchase.
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Winners Announced
Reallusion 60-sec. Siggraph Showcase Contest
After the intense competition, the jury has selected the winners for Renderosity’s Reallusion Siggraph Showcase Contest. Congratulations to the 4 artists who have created the most entertaining 60-second short films using iClone or CrazyTalk.
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Market with Avatarii Business Branded Avatars
Avatarii agents take your company into the virtual world, allowing you to market products and services online or in-house. Using Reallusion’s software, Avatarii provides custom avatar production and monthly maintenance services for businesses to assist with marketing, sales, e-learning, customer care and more.
Visit Avatarii Online

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, Entertainment, Greetings, Hospitality, Retail, Sales & Support
Summer Blockbusters in Animation Theatre
Check out 5 newest movie releases brought to you by the artistic fans from coolclones.com using iClone!
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Hints & Tips
5-time Program Installation Limitation
To protect against piracy, we have limited the installation using your product serial number to 5 times. To avoid reaching this limitation, simply uninstall the program and regain one serial number count for your next installation. If you have used up all 5 times, contact us for further support.
I cannot open iClone 1.5 or export my work in iClone 1.5
To reach better visual experience, iClone 1.5 uses sophisticated technologies that require a higher standard of graphics card: DirectX 8.1 and Pixel Shader 1.0 or above. The minimum graphics card we recommend for iClone 1.5 is ATI Radeon 8500 or nVidia GeForce 5200 FX.

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Developer’s Submission Made Easy
Reallusion Certified Content Developer Center has been upgraded to include an easy to use interface for CCD developers to submit creative projects, review submissions, and manage member accounts.
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New Customer Support System at Your Service
Reallusion’s new online support service is ready to take your questions, with a quick submission process, fast tracking system, and the complete knowledge base for your easy search. Ask your questions today!
New Mobile Look
Coming soon is the launch of Reallusion’s brand-new mobile section. Watch for new product releases and exciting features to entertain your handset experience.
Machinima Festival
Stop by Reallusion’s booth and see our next-level iClone Studio Pro revolutionizing 3D real-time filmmaking - November 4-5, New York.
Festival Call for Entries! Deadline: September 22nd
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Miss anything for your iClone projects? Whether it is a character, texture, motion, accessory, or prop, just let us know and we will create it for you.
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What Users Said about CrazyTalk

“I love this software! You can let your imagination run wild. Thanks.”
- Cheryl Huff

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