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Make a Wish for iClone Content
Cast your votes for the most wanted iClone content and Reallusion will create and include them in our upcoming content release! Also check out the online voting results and content release schedule for your specific demand.
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Content Release

New iClone Basketball Character Pack
A standard basketball player with custom body style ready for you to add to your iClone library and customize with various character body-style morphs.
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Free iClone BodySuit Character Pack
Two new 3D body styles perfect for customizing body suits, such as tattoos and Superhero's tight outfits. Download them in your premium page.
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Updated iClone ManInSuit Character Pack
Your iClone default ManInSuit Character now with much more natural bone structure, motion and pose.
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Hot Threads
Useful hints and tips from Reallusion Forum enhance your experience!

* Download updated Animazoo BVH Profile & enjoy Free motion data
* Learn how to create the custom BVH profile for iClone
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iClone Theatre
Watch the 5 latest creation from our brilliant users in iClone Animation Theater. Feel free to submit your movies so that more iCloners can exchange ideas and share experience!
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News & Events

Certified Content Developer (CCD) Program
Grand launch in this April featuring AutoDesk Certified 3DS Max Trainer - Chris Murray’s “iClone Developer Guides for 3D Studio Max”.
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Studica Skills CrazyTalk Competition
Under the theme of Video Impossible, contestants are to use CrazyTalk4 and create a video that shows their ability, skill and knowledge of computer character animation.
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CrazyTalk for Skype
Got no PC cam for Skype video calls? Let CrazyTalk for Skype come to your rescue!
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iClone 3D Screensaver
Revolutionize your desktop with interactive 3D characters animating on your PC screen!
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3D WOWScreens
Get new features for your handset including customized visual ring tone and SMS message content delivered by avatars.
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Chicago Tribune
"iClone characters have been used in many movies as virtual extras as well as stars in their own productions."
“CrazyTalk4 is perfect for anyone doing surrealist animation projects and can even be used to cheat some scenes in live action films.”
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