With the rapid development of new technology and applications, the demand for and usage of content are also expanding. Reallusion received multiple inquiries from users, indie studios, contractors, production houses, corporations and brand IP owners about mass distribution, assignable rights and IP ownership of content. In order to address the users’ concerns and provide a total content solution, the Content EULA was revised as below.


The newly revised Content Licensing includes a three-tier model covering all needs, including one-stop purchase of royalty free perpetual licenses, use for images, videos, games, apps and AR/VR projects, sharing content among workgroup members and assigning finished works[1] to clients. Enterprises Licensing can be requested for special arrangements such as character generators or full IP ownership over Reallusion assets.

Royalty Free Perpetual License

One-time purchase and use forever.
Unlimited projects.

Use in Games, Apps, AR/VR Projects

Content usage for image and video outputs, or in games, applications, XR for mass distribution. See Licensing Options for more information.

Content Sharing Among Workgroup Members

A studio or production house can store and share all purchased content with one workgroup account.

Assigning Finished Works[1] to Your Clients

Contractors can assign usage rights of their finished products to their clients

Enterprise Licensing & Special Requests

Requests for character generation or full IP ownership using Reallusion assets.

standard license


Export ready content

  • Royalty-free for personal and commercial projects.
  • One time payment for perpetual use.
  • Provides sharable content among a workgroup.
  • Allows content export to other 3D environments.
  • Any image and/or video output.
  • 3D assets[2]can be used in games, XR, and applications.
  • Clients have right-of-use with finished works[1].
  • 3D print for personal use.
extended license


Contains all rights covered

  • Use of characters made with CC Components[3] in games, XR, and applications for mass distribution.
  • Extended License pricings are determined by developers.

    Exclusive Bonus

  • Customers who own Export-ready content prior to July 27th, 2022 will automatically receive FREE UPGRADE to the Extended License on their purchases.
extended license


Contains all rights covered

  • Any form of character generation in any application.
  • Embed content in any character creation application or online service.
  • Assets are usable for AI training and deep learning.
  • Full IP ownership of derivative character assets utilizing CC topology and Components.
  • 3D print for sell, mass distribution, or create molds for mass production.
  • Miscellaneous special requests.

  • *Special Request Restrictions[4]

Enterprise License Inquiry

Enterprise License Inquiry

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  1. Assign Finished Works: Any content purchased by contractors in Reallusion stores come with usage rights for their clients as well; this includes content in the form of images, videos, games, apps, and AR/VR projects abiding by the regulations set in the Reallusion Content EULA.

  2. 3D Assets: With the Standard License, all exportable 3D Assets, except CC Components, are allowed to be used in games, apps and AR/VR projects. Data types include Motion, Accessory, Prop, Scene and Material.

  3. CC Component:Character Creator’s Components include, but not limited to, ccAvatar, ccProject, ccSlider, ccHair, ccCloth, ccShoes and ccGloves that are used to create, assemble, or customize unlimited characters. Purchase of Extended Licenses for CC Components are required if they are used on characters in games, applications or XR projects for mass distribution.

  4. Special Request Restriction:

    • Licensed content or derivatives thereof may not be used for in-app purchases.
    • Licensed content or derivatives thereof may not be used in a way that competes with Reallusion, including distribution through image libraries, stock videos, online market for 3D models or any other similar services.
Content License FAQ
  1. Q1. What types of content require Extended licensing?

    Extended Licenses[a] are required for CC Components[b]such as ccAvatar, ccProject, ccSlider, ccHair, ccCloth, ccShoes and ccGloves if they are used on characters in games, applications or XR projects. You can also check the individual content pack's webpage in the RL Content Store for the “Extended License Price” under the standard price[c]; The presence of which is a sign that the item requires Extended Licensing. Use of CC Components in non-commercial or non-distributed games, applications or XR projects does not required the purchase of Extended Licensing.

    Extended icon indicates that this content requires Extended License for use in games and XR projects for mass distribution.


    CC Component icon indicates that this content contains ccAvatar, ccProject, ccSlider, ccHair, ccCloth, ccShoes or ccGloves. Purchase of Extended Licenses for CC Components are required if they are used on characters in games, applications or XR projects for mass distribution.


    ▲ Content Store licensing options and price display

    ▲ Landing page licensing options and price display

    ▲ Marketplace licensing options and DA Points Display

  2. Q2. How are the new Standard and Extended Licenses different from the legacy iContent and Export Licenses?

    The legacy rights for iContent and Export License fall within the purview of the new Standard License.Purchase of Extended Licenses for CC Components[2] are required if they are used on characters in games, applications or XR projects for mass distribution. Before July 27th, 2022, you can apply for MDR certificates by contacting our Marketing Team. After that, you’ll need to go through the process of purchasing either the Standard, Extended, or Enterprise licenses.
  3. Q3. I have purchased Export Licenses for some CC Component[2] content prior to July 27th, 2022; Do I still need to pay for the new Extended License if I use them in my game or projects in the future?

    Export-ready content that are purchased before July 27th, 2022 will receive FREE Extended Licenses (automatically applied to the product inventory). For later purchases made after July 27th, 2022, customers need to pick the proper type of license while adding items to the shopping cart.
  4. Q4. I want to use Reallusion assets in 3rd party software such as Maya, Blender, ZBrush, etc., which license is right for me?

    The Standard License allows you to export 3D objects and characters to any other software.
  5. Q5. Do you offer upgrade prices for Standard Licenses to Extended Licenses?

    Standard Licenses can not be upgraded to Extended Licenses; the two licenses must be purchased separately in the Content Store. Users should pick the appropriate type of license at the time of purchase.
  6. Q6. Do I only need to purchase the Extended License once to apply it to all my projects?

    Yes, Extended Licenses are perpetual and allow for use of the licensed content in an unlimited number of projects under the purchaser’s account.
  7. Q7. As a contractor who uses Extended Licenses for work, what rights are extended to my clients?

    Clients are also covered under the contractor's Extended License agreements without making additional purchases. Under these agreements, clients have the right to use export files of Extended License content (in fbx, obj, usd, and other proprietary formats), and they can use the content for games, XR, and apps. However, clients aren’t allowed to republish licensed content for sale in online stores, in-app purchases, character creation, etc. iContent/ccContent are still DRM protected, so clients will need to purchase the source content to edit the contractor’s projects in CC or iClone.
  8. Q8. I'm interested in building a character creation system in my application utilizing Character Creator assets; what type of license do I need?

    Please contact Reallusion directly to inquire about the Enterprise License.
  9. Q9. Is there any way to apply for free Mass Distribution Rights certificate?

    No, Reallusion no longer accepts free Mass Distribution Rights applications by email. Please follow our new Content License policy and purchase the license model which suits your needs, directly from our stores. If you wish to get featured by Reallusion, or seek marketing support, please contact marketing@reallusion.com, or check our Pitch & Produce program.
  10. Q10. Do iClone 8 and Character Creator 4 embedded content carry an Extended license?

    If the embedded content items are CC Components content, then they include an Extended license already. If they are non CC Components content, then they only include a Standard license.